Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Cropping Video Tracks (#195)

> It wouldn't, as that would be tight coupling. I'm voicing concerns with Youenn's "decoupling" idea that a capturee would "declare regions of interest", which I interpreted as an attempt to make this work outside of known pairs of sites.

My bad. Thanks for clarifying.

> If we want it to work with capture of all tabs (aka getDisplayMedia), I think this is desirable. At least we should have a specific discussion on this.

I am not sure what would constitute near/far future. Speaking for myself, I do not have concrete plans for extending the API to other-tab-capture in the coming quarters. But I see it as desirable for such an extension to be easily accomplished in the future, possibly by others, using the foundations we set up today. I think the current design is sufficiently future-proof.

I do not see it as likely that non-coupled applications would be using this feature, regardless of how we define it. I find it unlikely that any video conferencing tool would offer a user who has elected to capture a tab, to crop to the confines of some unknown "area of interest." I think such an unpredictable user experience would not be seen as desirable by any video-conferencing tool, for instance. But perhaps you could come up with a credible example of when it **would** be useful for decoupled applications to use this feature?

> If we want it to work for self view only and do not plan in a near future to support the general case, I can understand we do not need that. In such a case, as we discussed before:
> * it makes sense to me to start with a getViewPortMedia specific solution.
> * getViewPortMedia can support cropping without introducing a separate region capture API.

I do not think it reasonable for this API to only be exposed to users of `getViewportMedia()`, as I expect `getDisplayMedia()` to remain widely used for some time to come, even for self-capture. First, we have been discussing `getViewportMedia()` for over a year now, so (i) specification and (ii) implementation are probably still not coming in the too-near-future. Second, even once we do specify and implement it, (iii) adoption will take some time. I believe that `getViewportMedia()` must not be allowed to delay our progress elsewhere.

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