Re: [mediacapture-main] getUserMedia "hanging" indefinitely (#846)

> The decision to reject can be done today based on a timer.

Yes, that's my thinking.

> The only thing is when the promise gets actually settled: either after a timer when the page remains in background or when the page gets active.

By rejecting while the page is in the background we:
* Clear some minuscule amount of memory sooner.
* Alert applications sooner to the fact that they will not, in fact, be getting mic/camera access.

Admittedly, these are but minor benefits. Are there benefits to the inverse approach?

> I am unsure what the benefit of rejecting sooner (aka triggering some JS execution in a background page) might be.

Prevents unintended and surprising behavior which neither user nor application desire, like a previously inactive page asking for mic/camera permissions as soon as the user activates that page, a very long time after they had originally interacted with the page. For example, consider coming back from vacation on January and activating a tab for the first time in weeks.

> One additional downside is allowing different behaviours across browsers.

Indeed. This can be mitigated by mandating a minimum value for "reasonable time."

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