Re: [webrtc-extensions] Disabling hardware acceleration (#98)

I went through my list-of-interesting bugs and found quite a few which were related to hardware encoding or decoding.
The last one was the worst but the size of the list emphasizes the need for an API that at least offers an escape hatch.
Hardware H264 Encoder is being used instead of OpenH264 on MacOS resulting in poor frame rate / pixelated video

Consider adding support for hardware vp8 decoding on Windows.

Disabling hardware acceleration silently fails to encode camera frames in WebRTC on macOS

If the stream obtained via HTMLVideoElement.captureStream() is sent on peer connection, it does not send any actual data

Green Screen on WebRTC (w/ H264 Codec) Recorded Videos when Hardware Acceleration is disabled

VP9 decoder shows a green strip at the bottom (Windows only)

Encode fps drops sharply after pc.replaceTrack, due to FrameDropper kicking in from too many hugesFrames encoded, when encoding H.264 on MacOS

WebRTC video stream shows green and garbled in chrome 91 Beta

Resolution cannot ramp-up to 720P on Windows Chrome 91 with HW acceleration enabled

VP8 encoder issue when hardware acceleration enabled on mobile device

Windows H264 encoder may freeze

Android MediaCodec Encoder requires 16-pixel alignment

VP8 encoder issue when hardware acceleration enabled on mobile device

iPadOS 15 / iOS 15 unable to decode VP9 stream

WebRTC Output FPS Drops to 0 and Does Not Recover

Android HW Encoder produces corrupted images (also in Google Duo)

Chrome Canary - WebRTC RTCPeerConnection.close() not returning
   root cause was hw decoder deinit

WebRTC framesSent plummets for no obvious reason

Corrupt WebRTC video from VP9 hardware decoder on Intel/Windows

Safari: VP9-SVS no video stream from remote peer on some devices

Apple Silicon: Black screen share on remote side of peerconnection

H264 HW encoding/decoding cause breaks the picture

H264 HW encoder produces 1 key frame per second on webrtc

Chrome version 98(which introduces HW encoding) degrades sent resolution and increases keyframe generation

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