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== Exclude Current Tab from Capture ==
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**Accidental** self-capture is a common problem for video conferencing software. When users accidentally choose the tab in which the VC app is running, a Hall-of-Mirrors effect is produces, confusing users and derailing discussions with remote users. Eliminating this would improve the lives of users and Web-developers alike.

When `getDisplayMedia()` is called, the user agent is supposed to show an unconstrained list of all possible surfaces, and that includes the tab from which `getDisplayMedia` was called. However, members of this Working Group have in the past expressed a desire to exclude the current tab from this list, with the rationale that it's an attack-vector for bypassing origin separation. (That is to say - an application capturing itself can embed arbitrary content and see it.) I intend to propose a mechanism in this vein. The mechanism I am about to propose does **not** purport to address the security concern. But I argue that it offers **no degradation in security**.

The first option to consider is that browsers could simply eliminate the option without a change in spec. However, this solution is unlikely to be universally adopted, as some legitimate applications currently use self-capture, and some existing browser would be apprehensive of breaking them (e.g. Chrome).

We could (and should) step in and help bridge the gap, for the betterment of the Web platform. I propose the following:

Recall that `getDisplayMedia`'s argument is of type [DisplayMediaStreamConstraints](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-screen-share/#displaymediastreamconstraints). That is:
partial interface MediaDevices {
  Promise<MediaStream> getDisplayMedia(optional DisplayMediaStreamConstraints constraints = {});

I propose that we extend [DisplayMediaStreamConstraints](https://w3c.github.io/mediacapture-screen-share/#displaymediastreamconstraints) with `excludeCurrentTab`:
dictionary DisplayMediaStreamConstraints {
  (boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) video = true;
  (boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) audio = false;
  boolean excludeCurrentTab = ?;  // Default value - let's discuss.

If `excludeCurrentTab` is set to `true`, the user agent MAY/SHOULD/MUST exclude the current tab from the list of tabs.
If `excludeCurrentTab` is set to `false`, the user agent does as it wishes. (Chrome will include the current tab, as it does today, but other browsers are free to exclude the current tab either way.)

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