Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Revisit: Let getDisplayMedia() influence the default type choice in the picker (#184)

> > Style speaking (maybe this is just my taste), getDisplayMedia({ audio: true, video: true, prefer: 'window'}) reads better than getDisplayMedia({ audio: true, video: { displaySurface: 'window'} }). Clearer API is better for the web.
> I disagree. I'm no fan of constraints, but consistency with getUserMedia and MST wins here in my book.

Constraints are currently used throughout. Deviating from the established course requires stronger consensus IMHO. With Jan-Ivar in favor of consistency, and me generally agreeing with him, and not a lot of other people participating in the discussion, I think we should proceed under the assumption that we've decided to use constraints to resolve the current issue. That said, if Youenn formulates an independent plan to move us generally away from constraints, I will likely be very interested.

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