Re: [webrtc-stats] WPT tests are wrong about when "outbound-rtp" and "inbound-rtp" stats appear (#619)

#302 looks like the intent was "after negotiation". But then JSEP tells us there shall be no ssrc lines.

I think we need the following test assertions:
* createOffer->SLD does not create objects
* createOffer->SLD-SRD-with-ssrcs does create objects even when no connection is established
* createOffer->SLD->SRD-without-ssrc does not create objects since the ssrc is not known
* createOffer->SLD->SRD-without-ssrc + connection does create objects since the ssrc is known

The assumption seems to be that the ssrc is constant and always set (looking at the object ids in chrome :scream_cat:) which leaves ssrc collisions woefully under-specified but I doubt that is a big problem.

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