Re: [mediacapture-region] Why expose produceCropTarget at MediaDevices level? (#11)

Thanks for spinning off.

Would the following be a good summary of the discussion that is remaining in this thread?
* @eladalon1983 prefers exposing MediaDevices.produceCropTarget(Element), citing:
  * Better encapsulation, as CropTarget production is media/RTC-related, as is MediaDevices; Element is very general.
  * In contexts where MediaDevices is missing (eg HTTP), this API would not be exposed, which is preferable.
  * If we agree ([other thread]( that we need a Promise, then a method is more natural than an attribute.
* @youennf prefers exposing `Element.cropTarget()`.
  * (I don't want to write "citing X" as I do not feel I can do justice to your position this time. Please help me out here.)

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