Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Revisit: Let getDisplayMedia() influence the default type choice in the picker (#184)

So that I may answer succinctly and to the point, could you please clarify explicitly what your objection(s) to "MAY ignore" is/are? Is it that developers might attempt something and it ends up being no-op? Is it something else? Is it one of multiple objections?

I think it's important to understand the answer to the above questions before deep-diving into alternatives. For example, if your chief concern is indeed that developers might incorrectly expect `'monitor'` to have an effect, then I'd point out that even **supported** surface-type hints might end up having no effect, because (i) ideally, the user agent MAY regard the hint or disregard it, and (ii) the user is always free to choose a non-hinted surface type. But this is really premature, as I am answering an issue which might be marginal in your eyes. What are the chief objections to my proposed solution, where user agents MAY regard or disregard any hint?

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