[mediacapture-region] What makes CropTarget special to require an asynchronous creation? (#17)

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== What makes CropTarget special to require an asynchronous creation? ==
We started discussing this topic (whether CropTarget creation should use promise or not) as part of https://github.com/w3c/mediacapture-region/issues/11 and it seems best to use a dedicated thread for this issue.

@eladalon1983  mentioned implementation issues that make using promises desirable, in particular security and potential race conditions if creating synchronously a CropTarget since CropTarget has to keep a link to the process it was created in. The following case was provided:
- create CropTarget in process A
- postMessage it synchronously to another process B
- (optionally) postMessage it yet again to another process C
- Use CropTarget to crop the track.
@eladalon1983, please correct this description if it is not aligned with your thoughts.

Existing objects like MessagePort, WHATWG Streams, RTCDataChannel or MediaStreamTrack can be created-then-postMessaged synchronously and UAs are implementing this today, hopefully without the security/race condition issues.
AIUI, it seems consistent to use the same approach to CropTarget (synchronous creation), except if we find anything specific to CropTarget that actually prevents this existing pattern.

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