Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Revisit: Let getDisplayMedia() influence the default type choice in the picker (#184)

> I think specific reasons have been provided.

My apologies for missing those. Please link me to the relevant comment, so that I may re-read it.

> When you define a type in WebIDL as an enumeration, rejection is happening when the value passed to a method is not valid.
To implement the ignore rule with enum + current WebIDL, implementors would be required to add 'screen' as a valid value but ignore it, thus putting burden to those User Agents that have no use of this value.
And putting burden on developers to understand that 'screen' is a valid but ignored value...

* If we go with constraints, then this enum value already exists as [DisplayCaptureSurfaceType.monitor]( Safari [already ignores this](, so you'd literally requires **0 lines of code**. (But do correct me if I've made a mistake. This has been known to happen.)
* If we go with non-constraints, yes, UAs will need a minimum of **1 line of code** in the IDL file in order to recognize `'monitor'`. How many more lines of code would be needed to not do anything?

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