Re: [mediacapture-output] Switch to transient activation. (#118)

> "activation triggering input events"

@domenic This is a promise resolved by user interaction. Is that not covered?

I wonder if there's a general problem here with (permission) prompts interfering with transient activation, since it takes time for users to answer prompts. Was this considered when we switched to a time-based activation model?

We might want to avoid creating situations where things may work fine as long as permission is persisted, but break if there's a prompt. E.g. This might make it impossible to put an existing feature behind permission in a web extension.

> E.g.: give each Window a "is finishing select audio output" boolean, separate from user activation.

Sure, but that sounds like recreating a transient activation mechanism for media. We'd probably want a broader name, and reuse this for [*getDisplayMedia*](, as well as *getUserMedia* pending

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