Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Add getCurrentBrowsingContextMedia (#148)

(One more suggestion, probably the last one on this topic. The main difference here is that all security restrictions now always apply.)

What if `any_surface_allowed` did **not** result in a gDM-like fall-back, but rather, if it specified something along the lines of:
*  ...all security restrictions to gVM apply. If any doesn't hold, abort. If they all hold, proceed.
* In response to gVM, the user agent SHOULD use a confirmation-only dialog┬╣┬▓ (accept/reject).
* If `any_surface_allowed = true` is specified, the user agent MAY present the user the ability to choose other sources. (The user agent still SHOULD start out with a confirmation-only dialog, but MAY display an option to "click here to select another source." Clicking that can then transition to a **normal gDM** dialog.)

With this, the standard does not allow gVM to become a different version of gDM. Rather, it allows gVM to become a **normal** version of gDM. It makes the process **more** user-driven. Wdyt?

1) It essentially restricts the user-selection to only the current tab.
2) Audio notwithstanding; this much the user **should** be able to refuse independently of video, as with gDM. E.g. using a checkbox.

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