Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Add an API to share the specific tab (#150)

@gaer87 Can you elaborate on the use case? I see two ways to interpret "specific" vs "current", so I'll try addressing both.

1. If the ask is to reliably capture a [browsing context](, this risks sharing documents beyond what may be obvious to users. Users can share their browser window for this today (even dragging a tab to make it into a new one), where this risk seems more intuitive.

2. If it's about capturing past users reloading a target page, this seems unrelated to whether target == capturing page.

We seem to be converging on a solution to with *getViewportMedia* as the answer to web-based presentations, hopefully relegating *getDisplayMedia* to sharing system-specific (non-web) apps.

For the former, there might be a use case here for browsers to consider letting permission survive page reload.

I don't anticipate the WG making further concessions around targeting in the latter, and adding a third API seems unlikely, so I'd like to close this out or capture the use case better.

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