Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Add getCurrentBrowsingContextMedia (#148)

> Why "weaker"?

From the [spec]( _"User Agents are encouraged to warn users against sharing browser display devices as well as monitor display devices where browser windows are visible, or otherwise try to discourage their selection on the basis that these represent a significantly higher risk when shared."_.

See also [crbug 920752](

> it would be tricky to define "immediately" in a way that could satisfy all customers

I'm merely making the point that it's completely doable, from the same justifications made for wanting to standardize it. Except Chrome would (hopefully) be alone in making this convenience/safety tradeoff. So any definition would do, e.g. the same run of the event loop. If Chrome would rather not do it because it's non-standard, that would be understandable, and desirable from my point of view.

I'd be opposed to standardizing any parameter related to this, because I think it's bad for privacy for the reasons stated.

> would not serve their needs,

We are standardizing gVM specifically to serve this need. I'd rather focus on that than revisit gDM.

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