Re: [mediacapture-main] what is the default channelCount (#775)

> Using the Lenovo microphone example, if there were some way for the system to indicate to the browser that echo cancellation were on

This example seems to works well with the echoCancellation=false by default rule.
If the Lenovo microphone is doing echo cancellation and the User Agent cannot disable it, getCapabilities should show that echoCancellation cannot be false for that device. User Agent will use echoCancellation to true because that is the only value.

The fact that the User Agent does not know whether the microphone is doing echo cancellation or not should be treated more as a bug than as a usecase.

> In the case of an observable constraint such as frame width/height, I'd prefer the user agent take whatever the underlying system provides by default.

What happens if there is no default?
For instance, on MacOS, if we do not set the width/height, we will most often use what the last application set.
This is an issue for two reasons:
- The application will potentially never get the same resolution.
- The last application may have used a super low or super high resolution, good for its particular usecase but not good for most cases.
- The web page gets disclosed to what the last application actually did, which is a small privacy leak for no good reason.

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