Re: [mediacapture-main] what is the default channelCount (#775)

I don't see any contradiction in the spec having defaults and the user being able to override those defaults.
The spec already says "User Agents are encouraged to default to using the user's primary or system default device for kind (when possible).", so it is already encouraging a default for the deviceId property.

To define defaults, I think we should look at what browsers are currently doing and, where there is coincidence or near-coincidence, adopt those defaults in the spec. Also, defaults don't always need to be hard-coded constants. For deviceId we're using  a system-defined constant. 

That said, even with defaults we will probably not achieve full compatibility across browsers since properties are correlated and different implementations have different capabilities. Still, if we can significantly improve it for the most common cases, I think that would be beneficial.

Experience shows that real-world applications rely on browser defaults and that is not going to change just because we emphasize in the spec that they shouldn't. This channelCount issue in Chrome is a good example.
Chrome didn't really have a universal default as channelCount is correlated with other properties. If echoCancellation, noiseSuppression or autoGainControl was enabled, channelCount was always 1 because Chrome's audio processing implementation only supported mono output. When no processing was used, the channel count was the same as the hardware configuration.
When Chrome upgraded its processing implementation to support more channels, the default for stereo microphones automatically changed to 2 in all cases and that automatically caused regressions for some applications relying on output always being mono.  


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