Re: [webrtc-extensions] Enabling opus stereo audio without SDP munging (stereo=1) (#63)

> As I see it, the issue is on how to allow the receiving client to restrict the sending client to send stereo. From what I can see, the only way to do that is to include stereo=0 in the answer SDP. And from what I've heard the only way that can be achieved is via munging (maybe I'm missing something there though?).

Here's my take on this: Yes, the answer SDP would have to be munged if you want to turn this off via SDP in a browser client on the receiver side. However, because the receiver has to be prepared to receive stereo _regardless of what this attribute says_, and it is ultimately up to the _sender_ whether to send mono and stereo, this modification to the SDP does not actually have any effects on the receiver side. It only has an effect on the sender side where if the sender respects the receivers' wishes, it restricts it to mono.

From this I conclude that you could munge the SDP _after_ receiver.setLocalDescription(answer) but before sender.setRemoteDescription(answer). This is not disallowed by the spec, the spec only forbids munging local SDP, not remote SDP.

So if you want to turn off stereo via SDP you still can without the SDP munging having to be illegal.

That said I would view stereo=0 as primarily interesting for the use case of "talking to a legacy endpoint or a non-browser endpoint (server)". For a real application, I would try to make sure the sender and receiver agree on stereo or mono outside of SDP. But if you want to do it in SDP, you can.

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