Re: [webrtc-extensions] Enabling opus stereo audio without SDP munging (stereo=1) (#63)

A concern I have on the PR is that it does not really solve the underlying problem of lack of API and the need for munging. 
It will indeed make setting up stereo calls more convenient in that stereo=1 is added by default which avoids the issue that there is no API to control it (and therefore avoids the munging needed).

However, the problem of lack of API, and the resulting need for munging, is then instead imposed on the clients that actually would want to set stereo=0 (or omit the stereo flag).

I may get this wrong, but I think what would be needed is to have an API for setting/clearing the stereo that avoids munging. 

Having stereo=1 would be handy, but I share the concerns of @juberti and also that there may be other unforeseen effects for clients that implicitly rely on stereo=1 not being set by default.

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