Re: [webrtc-extensions] Enabling opus stereo audio without SDP munging (stereo=1) (#63)

> 1. the Opus encoder will be initialized to transmit stereo regardless of the # of channels, which probably results in worse efficiency and sound quality for the selected bitrate


> @juberti Wouldn't that show up in a Chrome←→Firefox p2p call today then?

Then it sounds like the compatibility problem already existed ever since Chrome initially shipped stereo. So we need to fix this regardless of how we decide to control stereo going forward.

To me I think it sounds like the proposed PR still makes sense as-is, but that code like need to be update so that the number of channels gets reconfigured to be the minimum of track channels and channels negotiated, and to trigger the possibility of reconfiguring the encoder on replaceTrack() if number of channels change.

Does this make sense to everybody? @juberti @perahgren 

> To test Chrome, I used an in-content device picker to pick my BRIO: I get channelCount: 1 with {audio: true} in M88, but channelCount: 2 in M90. Did the default change recently?

@guidou Do you know?

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