Re: [webrtc-extensions] Investigate the possibility to interact with data channel in workers (#64)

I'll provide my use case here in case this presentation hasn't been given yet. I'm working on a browser-based [MMORPG]( To make the game as efficient as possible, I'm working to move *everything* except for rendering off of the UI thread and into workers.

My current work is centered around moving network communications into their own worker. My Worker has been processing messages from WebSockets, then using a `BroadcastChannel` to relay any updates to the UI thread. While WebSockets are great, TCP connections have plenty of well-documented issues in games networking. I'm trying to move to using a much better UDP connection via the []( library. The problem I'm encountering is that @yandeu's library requires `RTCPeerConnection` to be available. If we added the ability for an `RTCPeerConnection` to be transferred to a Worker, then I could initialize the library in the UI thread, then pass it off to my network communications Worker to replace what is currently a WebSocket connection.

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