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== Network Tokens and WebRTC QoS ==

--- I posted this on webrtc-qos and got redirected here by @alvestrand ---

Not sure if this is the right place, but wanted to bring into your attention network tokens (https://networktokens.org), a new project/IETF I-D that might be relevant with WebRTC and QoS.

In a nutshell: Network tokens are an open and secure method for end users and application providers to coordinate with the network about how their traffic is treated ( e.g., to access a 5G slice, a firewall whitelist, a zero-rating, or a QoS service ). Network Tokens replace complex, insecure, and privacy-invasive DPI application signatures with a deterministic and unified mechanism to build network services, and complement DSCP codepoints across network boundaries.

We have a prototype implementation using network tokens as part of WebRTC, and I'd be very interested to understand what's the best way to engage with the WebRTC group and get feedback/guidance on next steps.

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