Re: [mediacapture-main] Spec should document anticipated differences from v2.0 (#831)

> This question assumes that a 2.0 version would go along with deprecating the current functions that allow in-app device selection

I'm surprised to heard this.  IIRC, several times when PING was reviewing the spec last year, PING was told that the current "in page selection / JS device enumeration" approach was known to be privacy-harming, but that the WG was locked in due to webcompat concerns, and that the next version of the spec would take a browser-mediated approach. This is why we dropped some of our issues / concerns / objections with the current version of the spec.

I'm not (in this issue) requesting the group only and exclusively purse browser mediated approaches; i appreciate that none of this has been implemented and its early days and things can change etc. The request is to include text that accomplishes the following:

1. that the current approach is not ideal but still in the spec bc of legacy / compat reasons
2. that other specs should not use the current approach as a model to build off
3. describe why the current version is not ideal (privacy wise) and the general approach the current authors think would be better

Would the group object to including a non-normative section in the spec accomplishing the above?

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