[webrtc-encoded-transform] Protocol Reference for SFrameTransform (#112)

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== Protocol Reference for SFrameTransform ==
SFrameTransform refers to a specific proposal for encrypted transformation of audio/video transported over RTP (SFrame). 

However, there is no stable protocol document for SFrame transported over RTP, and it is not clear when or if we will have one. 

At IETF 111, [SPacket ](https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/111/materials/slides-111-avtcore-ietf-111-avtcore-slides-02) was proposed as an alternative to SFrame.

It seems risky to me for the API to include specific functionality for a protocol proposal that has not been adopted by an IETF WG, and that is now being proposed to be replaced by another approach. 

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