Re: [mediacapture-main] What happens when laptop lid is closed / phone display is turned off? (#670)

There are various use cases for a `MediaStream` not being `muted` or `ended` when a laptop lid is closed. 

For an individual who might be vision impaired, they do not need a laptop lid open at all after executing `getUserMeda()`.

They could execute `getUserMedia({audio: true})`, close the lid on the laptop, and having programs running that detect non-silence, for example, using `AudioContext`, for whatever reason, user says:

"News headlines"

which is detected by `AudioContext.AnalyzerNode`. "News headlines" are `fetch()`ed, text parsed, `MediaStreamTrack.enabled` or similar code is used to "pause" audio stream input so that when headlines are output to speakers the program does not capture that particular output, the result of N `fetch()` calls are passed to `window.speechSynthesis.speak()` which outputs parsed text as audio to speakers, when complete, `MediaStreamTrack.enabled` is set to `true` again, to reset program to listen for next voice command. None of that procedure requires the laptop lid to be open, and the user certainly not expect for the application to be biased towards only users who are, for example, are using `MediaStreamTrack` to be communicating with visual and auditory constraints set. 

The user could also be vision impaired and an artist. They might even have a website with digital renditions of their work, with HTML markup configured for them to use a voice command to get a specific work, capture the still image, insert that image into a `MediaStream` and communicate their work to other sites, or users via `RTCPeerConnection`, et al. The laptop lid does not need to be open to perform any of those tasks.

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Received on Saturday, 28 March 2020 17:45:02 UTC