Re: [mediacapture-main] What happens when laptop lid is closed / phone display is turned off? (#670)

> What is the bug?

I should have mentioned I'm on macOS, where browsers today [[1](] [[2](] by default temporarily pause mic and camera recording (when I close my MBP lid) without firing `mute`, while JS remains running. This violates the existing [spec]( *"Whenever the User Agent initiates such a* [physical] *change, it MUST queue a task, ... to... Fire a simple event named* [mute] *on track."*

> What evidence do you have that capture is interrupted when laptop lid is closed?

See above. I'm not claiming this always happens on all systems or even all configurations.

> Why is getUserMedia() attempting to define the behaviour of a laptop lid being closed?

I'm not suggesting that in the [three things]( I propose.

1. Shut off media capture whenever media playback shuts off for physical reasons
2. Here I specifically said _"browsers aren't firing them ... even though capture is interrupted."_
3. Mention privacy issues/guidelines for vendors to avoid users being "surprised" recording is on.

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