Re: [webrtc-stats] Add counters for bytes sent by ICE pings (#534) (#535)

1) I don't think it adds value to talk about ICE protocol header...just bytes,
i.e the metric should include all bytes sent as STUN pings.

2) "ICE ping packed used for probing", parse error.
The RTP probing is done using RTP packets.

3) "Or are we sending lots and lots of tiny ICE pings but they add up to a lot in the end?"
Sort of yes, the ICE agent that I'm working on constraints ICE pings to X bits/sec.
Bitrate for RTP is sufficiently small, then X is noticable.

4) I added this cause I've changed the frequency of the ICE pings,
and there was no real way to measure that.

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Received on Wednesday, 25 March 2020 13:54:41 UTC