Re: [webrtc-stats] Clarify FlexFEC stats (#555)

Questions for the meeting. Which do we care about?
- fecBytesSent/fecBytesReceived: Without them we can't tell the overhead of FEC on bytesSent.
- fecHeaderBytesSent/fecHeaderBytesReceived: Without them + fecBytes we can't tell the overhead of FEC on the total traffic on the transport.

We can't tell how much of the payload (bytesSent) is due to FEC (only due to RTX). The (bytesSent - retransmittedBytesSent) may be used to infer how much bytes were actually encoded, but this estimate would today also include FEC. Alternatively:
- totalEncodedBytes?

What also affect headerBytesSent but can't be distinguished in the metrics today:
- retransmittedHeaderBytesSent: Without it we can't tell the overhead due to retransmissions.

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