Re: [mediacapture-main] Add semantics choice to getUserMedia() for in-browser picker. (#667)

> * Presumably, the transition plan is for GetUserMediaSemantics to default to user-chooses initially, then eventually to not permit browser-chooses

As I recall, we did not reach consensus on a transition plan last virtual interim, just [option B]( for now.

So there are no transition impacts from this PR, since it effectively defaults to `"browser-chooses"` for backwards compatibility (yet allows Firefox to prompt like it does today).

This is the minimal consensus needed to replace labels and in-content selection.

> How does the application determine what choices are available?

Like it does today, count devices per kind using *enumerateDevices*. Although if constraints are used, this might narrow choices, and it could be hard to detect. Right now I think the API would succeed right away without a prompt in that case (assuming you already have access to the current device). Would you like it to fail? That would be a bigger semantic difference.

The feature detection is there to let us start using this before labels go away.

> Reading the PR, I wasn't sure whether "user-chooses" always results in a prompt.

It does not. Only when there's a choice. Otherwise, only a permission prompt is mandated.

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Received on Thursday, 19 March 2020 15:02:14 UTC