Re: [mediacapture-main] Relinquish device when all tracks are muted or disabled. (#662)

@youennf Sorry you missed the interim. The goal and scope was specifically to address known web compat problems around temporary camera and microphone disabling only. See [slides]( I'm happy to jump on a call to clarify.

> IIRC, the spec currently does not mandate the user agent to mutate the muted state of a capture track. This PR breaks the assumption that the capture muted state is in full control of the user agent.

Good point. I've updated the PR to reduce the mandate only to muting, not unmuting. I agree the user agent should remain in full control of unmuting.

The reason for mandating muting in this instance is to provide stronger guarantees around privacy, but it's peripheral to the main goal of the PR. Is SHOULD better?

> An application can actually change the muted state if it is capturing and not having focus by doing enabled=false/enabled=true.

True, though a page isn't generally in control of whether it has focus or not, so I don't think we need to change the sentence _"Muted is out of control for the application"_ over this...

There is no consensus for user activation or new APIs.
Track cloning is already well-defined, so their behavior in relation to this is a [feature](
There's [lots]( of [precedence]( in Mediacapture-main for discussing camera/mic-specific tracks.     
Minimizing the amount of changes to an existing API is generally _helps_ backwards compatibility.

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