Re: [mediacapture-main] Relinquish device when all tracks are muted or disabled. (#662)

> It is also unclear to me whether we want to restart capturing for getDisplayMedia tracks.

Screenshare has no observable device HW light, so I no reason to relinquish anything there.

> Should there be an indicator when enabled=false?

[Yes]( But whether it needs to be any different from *Live* I think is up to user agents. Firefox implements a red/gray shift [consistent with]( its cam/mic indicators FWIW ([fiddle](

In short, I think mediacapture-screen-share is fine and out of scope (let's discuss there not) here.

> > It seems obvious to me that it wants to be unmuted, so why not just assume it does?
> I do not think that switching to a page that was capturing an hour ago is sufficient information to know whether the user wants to restart capturing for this page.

I didn't say it should do that (although s/hour/seconds/ and I might, given that all other browsers support concurrent access here).

I only said we can assume what the page wants, because it's still holding onto a live track. With that knowledge, Safari should be able to figure this out with UX (e.g. provide said button) without involving the web page.

I'm in favor of Safari experimenting here (I particularly like the idea of an "hour" heuristic), provided it's done within the existing spec model. I.e. I'm not in favor of adding more API surface for it. Having web sites go through new APIs specifically for Safari would be a mistake IMHO.

With `mute`, `enabled` and `ended`, I hope we have sufficient surface to accommodate most UA controls.

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Received on Monday, 2 March 2020 17:07:07 UTC