[webrtc-svc] Browser/SFU capability negotiation (#34)

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== Browser/SFU capability negotiation ==
The WebRTC-SVC specification provides a high degree of flexibility.  For example, using the API, it is possible for a browser to send simulcast with each stream including SVC modes, including K-SVC modes and "S" modes. 

A given SFU implementation may not be able to handle all of the things that a WebRTC-SVC implementation can send.  For example, an SFU might support only a subset of the scalability modes, or might not support receiving multiple simulcast streams, each containing simulcast. 

[Section 4.1](https://w3c.github.io/webrtc-svc/#error-handling) deals with error handling, based on the addition of scalability modes to video capabilities.  However, the current capability advertisement mechanism cannot express the combinations of simulcast and SVC modes that an SFU might support. 

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