[webrtc-insertable-streams] Insertable MediaStreams in chrome issues (#38)

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== Insertable MediaStreams in chrome issues ==
It may be unclear to me, however following the standard the following use cases are listed:

- Funny Hats (processing inserted before encoding or after decoding)
- Background removal
- Voice processing
- Dynamic control of codec parameters
- App-defined bandwidth distribution between tracks
- Custom codecs for special purposes (in combination with WebCodecs)

And the approach lists the standard as following the pattern of [WebCodecs](https://github.com/pthatcherg/web-codecs/). However, the current chrome 83 release does not seem to support converting the frame back to image data event though web codecs appears to. 

I've followed the example from the medooze blog article and posted the code in this repository https://github.com/tato123/face-detection-insertable-mediastreams. Note, within their example they are performing face detection using `createImageBitmap` from the video element and passing to an offscreen canvas. Currently there does not seem to be a way of directly accessing the image data from a frame.

I would like clarification on how the use cases for the standard could be implemented given the data provided within a stream

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