Re: [webrtc-insertable-streams] Does Chromium require anything in SDP or RTP Header to make this work? (#37)

> @murillo128 @guidou @SourceCodeZone @agouaillard Figured it out!
> It had nothing to do with anything discussed in the issue, this is just an issue in the browser. When using a XOR Cipher with a cipherKey of `0xAB` it causes video decode failures. If I use `0xAA` it works. My code from two days ago works I just need to change `0xAB` => `0xAA` 
> In the JS try change `CIPHER_KEY` to `0xAB`. There is probably some rule to Javascript I am missing here.
> Also huge shout out to @murillo128 and @guidou, this has been one of the best interactions in Open Source I have had in a while. Thank you so much for taking your time to answer my questions (no matter how stupid they are). Hopefully stuff like this convinces others it is possible to have a community like that :)

You are not skipping the first 3 or 10 bytes of the vp8 frame, and as you are not using the generic paquetizer/descriptor that changes the vp8 descriptor which is used by chrome for packetization and everything is broken.

Changing from 0xAB to 0xAA probably just keep some bits intact after encryption that made it work just by pure luck.

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