Re: [mediacapture-main] No way to reliably choose correct camera & microphone upfront (#656)

> All proposals would mandate pickers in the other browsers akin to Firefox's.

is far more concrete and meets the requirement.

Leaving room for compliance to implementers is room for non-compliance. 

Do not gather the `{chosen}` option. That appears to be exactly what occurs now at Chromium: Select camera or microphone (singlular). To change that requires going in to `Settings` and selecting a different device. Still further to select `"Monitor of <device>"` for Chromium input/output requires going outside of the browser altother and using `pavucontrol` at *nix. 

All of the devices (virtual, e.g., "Fake" device and non-virtual, e.g., actual device) should be available at the initial prompt, instead of one or the other.

`{chosen}` is not in the specification. `.chooseUserMedia({video: true});` is not in the specification. That means new features. If the concern is actually privacy, then allowing users to select any device the OS has registered should be the goal, without arbitrary limitations imposed by  specification authors or implementers, to avoid the necessity to create "hacks" to get around whatever barrier to functionilty specification authors or implementers are imposing on that given day (e.g., `transferControlToOffscreen()` vanished from Nightly without so much as a courtesy post on a Mozilla blog - after an author had spent time fixing at least two bugs re `OffscreenCanvas` 

Expose the gamut of options technically possible and let the front-end do what it pleases.

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