Re: [mediacapture-main] Added support for new "category" constraint for audio (#664)

> This needs to explain how it relates to the content-hint extension; possibly it could be a PR on that specification instead if functionality there is missing.

I'm wondering if there is a world where the solution I'm looking for is a combination of both of these specs. For example, would it be consistent and clear with both specifications if I:

1. Changed the name of the constraint to something like "platformOptimization" (open to suggestions there).
2. Updated the content-hint spec with new hints such as "speech-Recognition", "speech-Communication", "raw", and then add default behaviors corresponding to these new constraints (ex: "raw" as a content-hint would apply {platformOptimization: "raw"} as a default).

This would follow current patterns, and help show that these new constraints are functionally like other constraints. Functionally alike, as in, they result in new, audible differences if supported by the platform, and can be mixed and matched with other constraints.

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Received on Thursday, 27 February 2020 18:58:24 UTC