Re: [webrtc-stats] End-to-end delay metrics (#537)

I see several issues with this stat (although as I said before, the more stats the better).

On congestion paths, rtt/2 is not a good proxy for one way delay, as you can have very asymmetric scenarios specially when competing against tcp based flows.

For the server case, I could implement the mapping of the RTP timestamp to the original sender NTP timestamp on my server, but I don't feel anyone will compensate the timestamps to account for the sender `rtt/2`, which will render this stat un-usable for relay server case.

How about removing the rtt of the stat and exposing the `playoutTimeInReceiverNtp` and `estimatedNtpDelta` ?

playoutTimeInReceiverNtp = current time according to local NTP clock
estimatedNtpDelta = reportReceivedInReceiverNtp - reportSentInSenderNtp;
estimatedPlayoutDelta = playoutTimeInReceiverNtp - estimatedPlayoutTimestamp  - 

If anyone wants to calculate the e2edelay by adding the `smoothedRtt/2`, it can be done in js with the already known values. 

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