Re: [webrtc-pc] Add note to getCapabilities to avoid InvalidModificationError (#2617)

> True, though I don't think this impacts interpretation, since specs are written for implementers, not users. And following it leads us here. We could add a second note saying we messed up, and here's a workaround.

Following it leads us here, but only after several editors and implementers discussing ways to avoid what I think is a less desirable but more straight-forward interpretation, which would be to have getCapabilities() block JS and always expose the same capabilities (HW or SW, known after block). It would even be more useful, but also taboo. Even with our note this is still a valid interpretation and having to do said workaround is not clear even to implementers. But I say let's follow-up in, for now the note serves as a "heads up, there be dragons here".

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