Re: [webrtc-pc] Disambiguate all uses of RTCSessionDescription. (#2614)

> My guess is that if enough eyeballs have taken a hard look at the PR, then merging should be OK.

Thanks @dontcallmedom and @henbos. I've looked over the PR again and I found no mistakes.
 * I did a full pass of the [Files changed]( diff.
 * I followed all _"session description"_ links in the [preview](
 * I also did the same in the [preview diff]( though I found it unreliable (it trips over webidl that is unchanged by this patch)
 * I checked the new _"pendingDescription"_ variable added instead of referring to the description _"being rolled back"_.
 * I checked the three apply-rewordings to avoid the phrases _"prior to applying"_ and _"is applied"_ wrt the setting algorithms (replaced by _"prior to_ pendingDescription _being set"_ and _"is set successfully"_ to denote more accurately what is being referred to: the former refers to pending descriptions, the latter refers to being set as current description, which frankly remains vague but is thankfully non-normative).

I think this is an improvement., so I'd like to get this in before the Dec 15th deadline. @alvestrand and @aboba can I get an `Editors can integrate`?

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