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Thank you, @jan-ivar, for our VC meeting earlier today. Here is a summary of some of the points, for the benefit of others who might wish to participate in the discussion. Please correct me if I misrepresent anything.

### Summary of meeting
* We've agreed that a capture-this-tab API would be useful, and that we should proceed in our efforts to define that.
* Jan-Ivar has expressed a strongly held belief, that the mechanism for allowing capture-by-embedder:
   * Should be opt-in.
   * Should enforce the capture-ability of non-document resources like images and videos.
* I think we agree that a requirement of a user-gesture would make sense.

### Issues where agreement is still a work-in-progress
* I don't think the capture should be interrupted if the document stops being visible.
   * The rationale for considering this limitation is to prevent the application doing nefarious things while the user is not looking. I think this could happen even when the user is looking if it happens very briefly - the application can process the screen in even a single frame, but it would be too quickly for the user to notice. So I don't think requiring visibility solves that issue.
   * I think the use-case of tabbing away to run a quick web search, or consult another resource, would be very common. The local user would be annoyed if remote users complained that the capture was halted when that happened.
      * I am open to considering _halting_ the capture so that it would appear as though the last frame keeps being captured. But I am not enthusiastic about this idea.
* Capture-ability by embedder:
   * I am concerned that an opt-in mechanism would reduce the usability of the feature, to the point of making it irrelevant.
      * Giving Google Docs as just one example, it is a gigantic web-application with plenty of third-party integration. This is not a Google-specific concern, however; likely Office 365 and any other big web-application would have the same concern.
         * Question - are there any figures available on the adoption of COEP by web-developers?
   * I have made a suggestion for a mechanism with HTTP headers controlling capture-ability (Document Policy). I like that it's simple. Jan-Ivar is concerned by it not covering images and videos. I think that it's reasonable that the capture-ability of videos and images is controlled by the document that embeds them. Jan-Ivar, could you explain again why you don't think that would be enough?

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