Re: [mediacapture-screen-share] Add getCurrentBrowsingContextMedia (#148)

> The service provider should not, IMHO, be forced to the decision of either not trusting the (specific) third-party it at all, or trusting it enough to allow it to run same-origin.

@eladalon1983 but this feature undermines many of the same-origin protections you get from iframing in the first place.

> ... Allows the application the knowledge of the contents of the capture, ...

Right, and this knowledge adds risk.

#### Whatabout getDisplayMedia?
While `getDisplayMedia` already has this problem _**IF**_ the user chooses the same tab, at least that scope violation is 100% user-driven, and some form of social engineering is needed to make it a reliable exploit (it doesn't help that Chrome fails to warn about this when it [should](

I think it's fair to say `getDisplayMedia` is flying [close to the sun]( already and exists because it is backed by such a highly compelling use case (web conference presentations). If you were to ask me if I think it has too many security mitigations, I'd say no. That's why I don't find it compelling to remove any of them.

I do however find the idea of enabling apps to stream themselves into web conferences appealing, provided it can be integrated safely.

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