Re: [mediacapture-image] Include malicious sites and surveillance cameras in the PTZ explainer (#222)

> > User Gesture and Focused Frame (Page Visibility API) might hurt user experience and hamper some use cases, so we might prefer to keep this at the discretion of UA and add a NOTE to the spec. PTZ being a separate permission allows such hooks to the UA to experiment with what works best for their users.
> Can you elaborate on your concerns here? To be clear I was assuming that these requirements would apply when permission was requested, not when the capability is used. It seems reasonable to require a user gesture when requesting camera + PTZ. The current specification does not require this for `getUserMedia()` but I have a feeling this is a legacy concession.

When permission is requested "focus" is totally fine, actually it's mandatory as defined in the parent [spec]( I was thinking during usage (PTZ permission = true, but tab in background) more like [ShouldSuspendUpdates](;l=113) we did for sensors. Presently gUM allows capture to happen even when tab is not in focus. [Some might understand]( that for PTZ we might change the behaviour and disable the feature(panning tilting) if tab is not in focus. I was re iterating about the use case you presented earlier is important -

> when running a presentation the video conferencing application may be hidden but should still be able to use PTZ to focus on the presenter's face as they move about the room

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