Re: [mediacapture-main] Only fire devicechange event when devices physically added/removed (#688)

> Expecting web devs to do more than that seems ambitious.

I think there will be some adoption needed whatever proposal we come up with.

I know some websites that identify insertion of devices and seem to work fine in Safari.
I haven't looked what is done for that purpose.
Maybe the algorithm you quoted is being used with two fixes:
- Also include a device.kind check to at least fix pre-gum case
- Call the same snippet at getUserMedia resolution time / reinitialise 'old' with all information (including deviceIds, labels and capabilities)

> That would be a silly thing to do when _enumerateDevices_ already buffers (see [storedDeviceList](

The web app needs to buffer the list of devices to detect new devices, the only question is whether the web app will use this list for other purposes. I do not see why that would be silly to do.

Let's say we implement either of these proposals.
The above code snippet would still break in some cases:
- User has a builtin camera and a USB camera
- User grants getUserMedia access and uses the builtin camera
- User removes the USB camera as it is not used
- A devicechange event fires, web app is falsely made aware of a new device, the built-in camera given it has now a non empty deviceId.

That does not mean Safari behavior cannot change. Reducing the number of events to fire is a good thing in general. It seems a good plan for browsers that have not yet shipped the filtering to try not firing the event at first getUserMedia resolution.

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