Re: [mediacapture-main] Stop recommending UUID for deviceId/groupId (#682)

> The specification mandates this rotation. Maybe there is a bug in some browsers?
Or this rotation mechanism might not kick in if extensions implement this clean-up purely by injecting JS that deletes all the databases (what about the HTTP cache though?).

Yes, you put it better than i could! Clearing / managing storage in practice is in practice more complicated and non-binary than what the spec seems to imagine.  Even setting aside possible bugs, there are ways of clearing storage (injected JS extension code is just one possible example) that won't (and couldn't, given the diversity of possible policies) be mapped into the browser as "storage clear".  Privacy in depth really matters here, I dont mean this as a theoretical kind of concern.

> This is fine to me as long as we do not add needless constraints to browsers implementing partitioning. This seems somehow hard to spec though.

I appreciate your point here, and again, am not requesting any particular mitigation.  Whatever is easy enough to spec and prevents device ids from being unique / identifier-join-ing-material would be terrific.  I though picking identifiers from [0,255] w/o replacement would be an easy to specify, privacy preserving option, but if thats not the case, point taken.

I also appreciate that this issue is long, and I really dont mean to be throwing sand in the gears so close to transition; i really appreciate the work you all do! And I think you did a better job of stating the concern (the first quote above) than i managed to do in a TPAC meeting and a couple thousand rambling words above.

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