Re: [mediacapture-main] Stop recommending UUID for deviceId/groupId (#682)

@youennf @jan-ivar Do you know the amount of entropy that goes into those per origin seeds (that the hashes are generated from)?  If its not a huge number of bits, maybe thats the way to solve this issue.

Again, my main concern here isn't (main) situations where storage (and so device identifiers) is dual keyed; its in the majority of browsers where it isn't, where people use a variety of methods to try and reduce third party storage (extensions, for example), and so where storage may rotate on a different interval than deviceIds, and then having a highly unique device id is a way or linking the storage-based identifiers together.  (a large number of people on gecko and blink based browsers, particularly privacy conscious users)

So, hashes instead of UUIDs sounds fine; but constraining the entropy of the input to those hashes would be a very useful step that seems like it could be some middle ground / way forward?

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Received on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 18:20:51 UTC