Re: [mediacapture-image] Add PTZ explainer (#221)

> @engedy : we would like to hear your opinion on this (avoiding prompt fatigue) -
> If the user has PTZ camera, the prompt will ask for camera + PTZ, but user denies - How should UA interpret presently ? There's no partial-grant that we can interpret user wants us to fallback to normal camera permission, maybe user actually did not want to grant permission to camera at all. Is the checkbox permission presently in pipeline in Chrome ?

Hello, Andy here from the Chrome permissions team.

I agree it is up to the UA to provide whatever degree of control to their user when prompting them to make the decision. So I think that the spec itself should perhaps make suggestions at most as to how this is presented to the user.

For Chrome specifically the current status quo is that both Camera and PTZ will be blocked when the user blocks which means that the site won't be able to re-prompt for only Camera afterwards (and it won't happen automatically either, I think there was some confusion around this point). This is similar to how Mic + Camera behaves now, if a user might be comfortable with only giving Microphone access to a conferencing site they are still able to do so via the surfaces that allow them to change the permission, after the prompt. But that has some issues with discoverability.

Overall I don't think this is ideal, but I'm relatively fine with it. A checkbox-type solution allowing users to control directly from the prompt would probably be best, but at the same time I don't know how high priority it is since the user still has the ability to do this from the page info, and we're doing some work that will hopefully improve the discoverability of said page info sheet.

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