Re: [mst-content-hint] Differentiate between speech for human and machine consumption (#39)

> @guest271314 I agree with your point that there is a need to add a stream form of output for the Speech-API. I think there are some limitations with the current implementations that make this difficult (the OS speech generator is the thing speaking words to you instead of the Web Platform, so the browser currently has no access to anything like an audio stream). To fix this would require interest from the web community (and there seems to be some) as well as interest from implementers (not sure about this), and a solid path forward in the technical sense. 

Actually, all that is required should be for Chromium, Chrome to implement capturing `"Monitor of <audio_device>"` as Firefox does. Then users can capture audio output from speakers using `getUserMedia()`; see the linked Media Capture and Streams issues.

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Received on Wednesday, 15 April 2020 23:51:23 UTC