Re: [mediacapture-image] Transferable? (#211)

@dsanders11 : I have used OpenCV.JS to accomplish similar use cases, like card scanning. Please have a look at our [WebCamera]( project.
We did try out getting `canvasContext.getImageData` to a `SharedArrayBuffer` and used `worker.postMessage` and did the computations in the workers. It's not yet on master as the WASM (with SIMD + workers) optimizations improved the user perceived performance to an acceptable level.

@alvestrand : The  [webrtc-nv-use-cases]( look good and I am interested mainly in the requirement - 

   N18             The application must be able to obtain raw media
                   from the capture device in desired formats.
and what developers can do with that.
Like @dsanders11 said, it can be sub-optimal to deal with various formats a webcam can stream, maybe the [WebCodecs]( proposal can be of help ?

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