Re: [mediacapture-record] Add replaceStream to MediaRecorder (#186)

> @jan-ivar
> > Also, with `replaceTrack` there's inherently no way to add additional tracks to a recording, whereas with `replaceStream` you'd be forgiven for not knowing that this limitation exists (it's in the prose).
> If gather the statement context correctly, yes there is.

I think with "Add additional tracks" he means going from recording two tracks to three, or from 20 to 25, or the like. That would seem possible from just looking at the `replaceStream` API, even though it's not.

> The original issue proposing using the same or similar language to WebRTC `RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack()`. Ideally, neither a track not currently having data, nor the source `<video>` pausing, nor the track or `MediaStreamTrack` ending should be the cause of `MediaRecorder` stopping. `#000000` video frames and audio silence can be recorded by default until the user explicitly executes `stop()`.

The spec says to end the recording when all tracks have ended. Changing that would break existing applications that depend on this feature so it's not really an option.

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