Re: [mediacapture-record] Add replaceStream to MediaRecorder (#186)


> w3c/mediacapture-main#611 was closed. I have no hopes we'll define track order in MediaStream.

Do not entertain hope at all here. As a practical matter must defer to your experience and judgment re `MediaStream` specification.

> I see no value in `replaceStream` if we have `replaceTrack`—the former can be implemented by the latter. In general we've been moving away from stream APIs, to avoid action at a distance.

Then define `replaceTrack` for `MediaRecorder` yourself. The original proposal is for `replaceTrack` as the mechanism that you apparently single-handedly pushed through WebRTC specification is well-suited to achieve the requirement of the use case, as demonstrated at at least four branches at code to work around current `MediaRecorder` implementation✓&query=webrtc-replacetrack, and several issues filed at various specification repositories at GitHub, et al.

At the front-end, since @henbos evidently has interest in extending `MediaRecorder` with `replaceStream` would rather have that specified than remaining with the same specification. Do gather your point. 

Even if `replaceStream` is specified that should not stop you and interested parties from specifying `replaceTrack`. The proof of concept will be vetted by the language of the specification and borne out by the implementations therefrom, to the degree that implementers actually follow specifications until they decide to do otherwise. AFAICT no individual or entity is or can stop you from filing a PR to add `replaceTrack` to `MediaRecorder` right now, correct?

Should @henbos be asked to substitute `replaceTrack` for `replaceStream` and abandon their own proposal for the reasons you raised, for the purpose of having a uniform, cohesive concept moving forward? 

How do you suggest to proceed? 

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