Re: [mediacapture-record] Add replaceStream to MediaRecorder (#186)


> How would they replace just the french audio?

That is in fact a consideration that suggested be included in this PR at In brief, by providing a means to set the order the tracks. Further, by providing a means to parse media files. 

> So we'd like to propose this instead:
> `await recorder.replaceTrack(frenchAudioTrack, directorsCommentaryTrack);`

"instead" is not necessary language or intent. There is no reason that both `replaceStream()` and `replaceTrack()` cannot be specified and implemented.

> In addition, we propose to no longer stop the recorder if a stream's track-set changes, because it no longer makes sense to react to those. 

That essentially would resolve the issue and make the use case viable. 

> Instead, we'd copy the track-set in start(), and only stop on the first track ended. 

That would be an issue for interoperability re Chromium, Chrome

> If the tracks' isolation properties differ, replaceTrack would reject with SecurityError.

AFAIK `isolationchange` is not implement, correct? Do you mean `unmute` event?

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